Covid-19 Lockdown

Three ways we are reaching out to schools and parents:

  • We support our CURRENT CUSTOMERS by offering online lesson plans for parents to use at home. 

  • We support our SITE MEMBERS by offering FREE games, resources and lesson plans.

  • We plan to extend this by offering SITE MEMBERS subscriptions to more lesson plans.

School closures 2020

As a service to Day By Day schools (current customers only) and their parents we are offering adapted lesson plans, to use at home, during the closure to contain the COVID-19 virus.

This is the plan for the next few weeks:

  • Phase one. From 1st April we will have password protected pages for parents to use.

  • These pages will be adapted lesson plans (no ELDAs, assessments, poster, etc.) from the Autumn term material.

  • A PDF of the activity sheets will be included.

  • The next theme will be added in the same way, and schools will be sent the passwords.

  • Phase Two. This will start on May 18th. Themes will be added in the same way as Phase one but access will be conditional. Contact us for details.

This is how it will work:

  • The school will pass on the printed children's material to the parents​​ if possible.

  • Otherwise a PDF of the activity sheets will be included to download and print at home.

  • The school will receive a password for each theme via email.

  • The password is sent to the parents by the school.

  • The user then goes onto the website to this page 'Current Customers'

  • Choose the link below for the theme and age group you need, (schools provide guidance as to which page is to be used NCF, NCF EE or CAPS).

  • When the user follows the link, they will be asked to enter the password.

  • Remember there is a different password for each theme page.

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