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Bee Module

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NCF Bee Module

Summer Term

Toddlers Age 18 months - 3 years

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On this page you will find the theme-based activities for all the Summer Term themes. This includes:

  • Free play, routines, poster tasks, drawing tasks and the mathematics and language tasks for each theme.

  • The art activities, stencils and games are also on this page.

  • All the PDFs for games and stencils are also together on this page, making it easier to have a printing session.

  • In addition you can see the charts from the One-A-Day chart book and follow links to songs and stories for each theme.

  • All these theme-based activities can be used during the course of the week according to your schedule.

From this page you can navigate to the daily lessons plans for each theme.

Theme 1 - My School
My school