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Welcome to DayByDay@Home

We are pleased to be able to offer a version of the Day By Day NCF programme for parents who want to teach their pre school children at home.

Terms and Conditions

1. DayByDay@Home is for home schooling parents only! We refer Nursery Schools to our NCF and CAPS programmes.

2. Access to the online material expires after 12 months.

3. We reserve the right to withdraw access to the material if it is being used for purposes other than home schooling.

DayByDay@Home is for ages 3 - 4 and 4 - 5 initially. 

Winter/Spring terms are available now. Summer/Autumn terms will be available in January 2021.

Each half of DayByDay@Home (Summer/Autumn or Winter/Spring) consists of:

  • 9 themes taken from our NCF material. 

  • This amounts to activities and daily plans for 45 days.

  • The daily plans will be online only and not printable.

  • Online cross-references to the NCF and the 6 ELDAs will be included. These contain a lot of useful information and insights.

  • Activity sheets for 45 days will be in colour PDF format to print @Home. 

  • These include an ELDA Observation sheet for each theme and an End-of Year Assessment to enable you to help your child where needed.

  • There will also be games, stencils, counting cards, etc. and a completion certificate to print.

  • See a sample theme here (does not include links to the NCF and ELDAs). You will need to be a website member to see this page.

  • Use the DayByDay@Home One-A-Day Chart Books to aid discussion of the themes and concepts. There is a chart for each day (take a look at our One-A-Day Chart books here). 

  • These are actual A3 chart books and not online and can be ordered from our office. Children love paging through the charts and studying the pictures.

Art Class

This is how it works:

  • 1. Contact us using the form below or give us a call. 

  •     Indicate which age group you need and if you want to add the One-A-Day Chart Books.

  • 2. We will send you a DayByDay@Home invoice.

    • R290.00 for the age 3 - 4 Winter/Spring themes (online lesson plans with PDF activity sheets and games).

    • R290.00 for the age 3 - 4 Summer/Autumn themes as above.

    • R290.00 for the age 4 - 5 Winter/Spring themes as above.

    • R290.00 for the age 4 - 5 Summer/Autumn themes as above.

    • R445.00 for the age 3 - 4 Winter/Spring themes colour One-A-Day Chart Book (45 x A3 charts).

    • R445.00 for the age 3 - 4 Summer/Autumn themes as above.

    • R445.00 for the age 4 - 5 Winter/Spring themes as above.

    • R445.00 for the age 4 - 5 Summer/Autumn themes as above.

    • There will be shipping costs for the Chart Books. You will be advised of these when you order.

  • 3. On receipt of the invoice, pay by EFT.

  • 4. Join up as a website member.

  • 5. Share with us the name you used so that we can find you - not your password.

  • 6. Your membership status will be changed to give you access to the DayByDay@Home pages.

  • 7. When those steps are complete, come back to this home page.  

  • 8. Click the link at the bottom of this page for the relevant age group to start enjoying DayByDay@Home!

Colorful Chalks
Contact us about DayByDay@Home
I would like to order:

What will we need?

  • A colour printer.

    • The activity sheets will be available as a PDF to download and print. There is a colour heading to all the pages with varying amounts of colour on the rest of the page.

    • There will be stencils, games and other aids to print, most are in colour.

  • A4 paper for printing.

  • Basic supplies: Wax crayons, pencil crayons, scissors and a glue stick. These need to be good quality, scissors that don't cut and glue that doesn't stick will drive you both crazy!

  • Art activity supplies. Read ahead to see exactly what you need, but basically it will be:

    • A3 paper, coloured paper, poster paint, water colour (block) paint, paint brushes, ingredients for play dough and salt dough, wool, string, craft glue, craft sticks, pom poms, pipe cleaners, etc. Cotton wool and tissues are also used.

  • Re-use and re-cycle items:

    • Cereal box card is invaluable for making the games.

    • Also save a few egg boxes and toilet rolls and any items with interesting textures.

    • You will need empty containers for the 'Going shopping' theme.

    • Magazines and promotional brochures will also be useful.

Box of Crayons

Winter/Spring Terms

Theme 1 - Transport

Theme 2 - Winter

Theme 3 - Spiders

Theme 4 - Going shopping

Theme 5 - Vegetables

Theme 6 - Spring

Theme 7 - Fruit

Theme 8 - Keeping clean

Theme 9 - In the garden

Nursery Play

Summer/Autumn Terms

Theme 1 - Summer

Theme 2 - My body

Theme 3 - My home

Theme 4 - Colours

Theme 5 - Pets

Theme 6 - Autumn

Theme 7 - Senses

Theme 8 - Shapes

Theme 9 - Farm animals


Before you begin:

  • ​Spend some time thinking about how you will begin and end each day, e.g. you could start by singing a song that signals its time to come to the table.

  • A good way to end the day is with a story.

  • Add your own songs and stories every day. Links to theme related videos of songs and stories will be added at the beginning of each theme.

  • Also include time for free drawing every day and free painting as often as possible. 

  • Don't be tempted to skip parts of the programme, all the elements work together. To get the full benefit use all of the elements, preferably in the order presented.

  • NEVER just put an activity sheet in front of your child and tell them to colour it in.

Drawing Face
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